Electronic Medical Records EMR

Cost of system setup in our web server for universal access

Based on 5 simple variables:

Number of doctors:
Average patients per doctor:
Average records per patient:
Average words per record:
Number of PCs:


Result in hours:

Ask for the cost per hour. It is based on your country, the urgency you have and maybe other variables.

Monthly maintenance and support:

First 6 months: 10% of the initial price. After that, 8%.

Installation in a local area network for local use.

The clinic has a system administrator with knowledge of local area networks? Maybe you can try a local area network installation, that will give more speed and control.

There are a few steps:



Cost estimate hours:

Configure the router to allow external access. We will then be able to access the server for control and modifications.
Transform the Intranet server in an Internet server, with a domain such as medical-records.net , to allow remote access and monitoring
Install a software that takes note of IP changes (if the client does not have a dedicated IP) and updates a web domain for universal access

Monthly maintenance and support:

First 6 months: 8% of the initial price. After that, 6%.

Additional Tasks

Define the centers that will use the system and enter their contact data included in basic setup
Define the users of the system and their roles - establish passwords included in basic setup
Address book - fill with up to 20 entries included in basic setup
Medical coding - setup ICD9, ICD10, SNOMED, others basic coding included included in basic setup, ask for others
Interphase with existing Medical Practice Management systems to be quoted
Migration from existing systems - data conversion to be quoted
Mail sending system for patient reminders to be quoted
Automatic billing - X12 X12 form included in basic setup - ask for others

Training package



Result in hours:
Creation of users and patients in a demo system
PowerPoint presentations for the basic tasks
Ticket system for fast and efficient support
SMS and cell phone alert reception
Feedback on the activity of the users in the demo system

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